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This garciniw an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, garcinia cambogia bauru the original work is properly cited. Clusiaceae family sensu lato is extensively used in ethnomedicine for treating a number of disease conditions which include cancer, inflammation, and infection.

The garcinia cambogia bauru of this review is to report the pharmacological potential of plants of Clusiaceae family with the anti-inflammatory activity in animal experiments. A systematic review about experiments investigating anti-inflammatory activity of Clusiaceae family was carried out by searching bibliographic databases such as Medline, Scopus and Embase. A total of publications with plants this family were identified. From the initial studies, a total of 21 studies were selected for the final analysis.

Studies with garcinia cambogia bauru AllanblackiaClusiaGarcinia or Rheediaand Hypericum showed significant anti-inflammatory activity. The garcinoa include a decrease of total leukocytes, a number of neutrophils, total protein concentration, granuloma garcinia cambogia bauru, and paw or ear edema formation. The data reported suggests the anti-inflammatory effect potential of Clusiaceae family in animal experiments.

Inflammation is a process that occurs after an infection or tissue injury, characterized by increased postcapillary venule permeability to fluid and plasma proteins and polymorphonuclear leukocyte emigration into tissues [ 1 ]. The inflammatory response is essential in maintaining homeostasis; however, this event may be chronic course, leading to tissue damage due to leukocytosis, garcinia cambogia bauru, excessive production of cytokines, and other mediators [ 2 ].

Generally, anti-inflammatory drugs, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, garcinia cambogia bauru effective for temporary relief of symptoms. However, drug-induced severe side camvogia occur, and most of these treatments are inadequate for chronic use [ 3 ]. Many people turn to alternative medicine including traditional plant based remedies for alleviating inflammatory conditions, such as plant-derived extracts or plant derivatives isolated compoundsby controlling the levels garcinia cambogia bauru various inflammatory cytokines or inflammatory usa garcinia cambogia 1300 [ 4 — 6 ].

The effect of medicinal plants is mediated by multiple targets through multiple active compounds [ 67 ]. Although source around the world has made studies on agrcinia anti-inflammatory studies from different pathways and hauru and has made substantial progress, further studies are warranted garcinia cambogia bauru delineate the inflammation actions in more cogency models, assess the potentials in clinical applications, and make more convenient preparations easy to administrate for patients [ 8 ].

In this context, several ethnobotanical studies have reported the bioprospecting surveys on the positive use bautu Clusiaceae family cambgoia pharmacological activity [ 9 ]. Consequently, these plant species have received attention from the scientific community bauu its potential therapeutic capacity. Clusiaceae is a tropical family of trees, shrubs, and herbs cambpgia approximately 50 genera and species [ 10 ].

Several species of this family are used for medicinal purposes worldwide, as for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, and infection. In Brazil, the most described genera are Kielmeyera Mart. The Clusiaceae family is a rich source of secondary metabolites, in which four major classes of compounds are found: xanthones, coumarins, biflavonoids, and benzophenones, produced by garcinia cambogia bauru plants garcinia cambogia bauru as a defense mechanism [ bauu ].

Despite the importance of this family experimental research on the anti-inflammatory effect with preparations on plants of Clusiaceae family has baudu been reviewed. Although a lot garcunia important information or clues on the development of inflammation can be obtained from human studies, animal models not only enable us to have a more comprehensive understanding of the inflammation at a molecular level in a controlled manner, but also fulfill the need for drug screening tools.

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